OK, maybe 3,068 photos were a tad too many...

I have photographed a LOT of weddings over the years, including several family members but nothing could have prepared me for shooting my own daughter's wedding. After figuring out the logistics for shooting & being IN photos (A special thanks to CJ Marsh for being an amazing assistant!), I dove right in. Luckily Andrew & Aubree are used to being subjects of my experimental photography shoots. Can we say SMOKE BOMBS?!? The wedding party was all in too at least until the wind shifted! It was an amazing evening at Eberly Farms. Aubree was game for getting all dressed up again the next day for an impromptu shoot in Swanson Park at sunset. There were even a few left over smoke bombs to play with.

The wedding party was so much fun to work with. I'm sweaty in every photo that I'm in. But that's what Photoshop is for right? It was crazy & hectic but I loved every minute of it! I'm very thankful that the photos aren't blurry as I shot with some teary eyes a couple of times.

Congratulations Andrew & Aubree!